Pachypodium bispinosum
Pachypodium bispinosum

Pachypodium bispinosum


Pachypodium bispinosum

Pachypodium bispinosum

Find the perfect Pachypodium bispinosum for your home

Pachypodium bispinosum, also known as Madagascar palm, Madagascar palm tree, or elephant’s foot succulent, is a succulent plant endemic to Madagascar and the surrounding islands in the Indian Ocean. It’s an interesting plant because of its striking appearance; the trunk looks like it was designed to be an elephant’s foot, and it has large, pointed spines on its trunk and branches. The flowers are white with magenta tips, and they have the strongest scent of any known Pachypodium species.

Pachypodium bispinosum

What exactly is a pachypodium?
While there are a wide variety of succulents out there, each with their own unique and attractive qualities, one of our favorites is definitely a pachypodium. This unique plant is known as an elephant’s foot and can be identified by its thick trunk, multiple branches and generally undulating appearance. They make fantastic additions to any living space.

Where does it come from?
Native to Madagascar, these succulents were once considered rare and elusive. But their popularity has grown and they’re now sold at nurseries across North America. Some of these locations include: ficus trees, privet shrubs, and daffodils. Most pachypodiums range from 3-6 feet tall with a leafy stem that is often covered in thorns (don’t worry—the plant itself doesn’t hurt). If you’re trying to find a new houseplant to spruce up your abode, we recommend opting for a dwarf variety because they can be easily placed on a windowsill or countertop without taking up too much space.

What are its unique features?
The Madagascar palm, or pachypodium, is known for its unique trunk. This unique trunk causes it to stand apart from most other succulents. It also comes in many beautiful shades of reds and yellows. If you have been considering adding a pachypodium to your collection but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips on how to choose one

Pachypodiums as indoor plants
The Pachypodium is a succulent shrub that makes an excellent potted plant, but it can also be planted in soil and enjoyed outdoors. As an indoor plant, they are fast growing and very easy to care for. There are many varieties of pachypodiums available so make sure you select one that best fits your needs and style. For example, if you’re looking for a small tree-like plant then I would recommend going with Pachyveria.

How do I care for it?
When you first get a pachypodium, be sure to inspect it carefully before bringing it into your home. When shopping, look for plants that are firm and do not have signs of wilting. After purchase, store in a cool location out of direct sunlight and water minimally until you can bring it inside.

What varieties are there?
Pachypodium bispinosum is also known as Madagascar palm, Finger plant and Cactus palm. There are actually many varieties of Pachypodium bispinosum that come in varying sizes and shapes, even though they share similar features. Some varieties may be smaller or larger than others, but can still grow up to 20 feet tall.

Where can I buy a pachypodium plant?
If you have been asking yourself, Where can I buy a pachypodium plant? You should probably look into buying one online. Plant nurseries typically don’t carry these exotic plants because they take up a lot of space and aren’t generally easy to maintain. If you are unable to find a pachypodium plant locally, try checking out stores that sell plants on-line or through catalogs.