monstera marmorata yellow variegated
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monstera marmorata yellow variegated



monstera marmorata yellow variegated

monstera marmorata yellow variegated

monstera marmorata yellow variegata is a very bright variegated plant. This plant is very attractive. it has good roots. If you have any questions, please contact me

What causes yellow variegation in Monstera aurea?

We know that results in the complete absence of chlorophyll or albinism in the affected areas or sectors. What about the yellow variegation in Monstera aurea?Secondly, from studies it is known that variegated plants with green/yellow sectors have less chlorophyll, defective chloroplast biogenesis, and have very high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

That is not all. Another notes that “defected chloroplast biogenesis in the yellow sector, reduced chlorophyll content, strong accumulation of carotenoids and high level of ROS.

We can conclude that yellow variegation in aurea comes from defective chloroplast formation, resulting in less chlorophyll. Chloroplasts have chlorophyll and serve as a site for photosynthesis.These yellow sectors also have a high content of reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS helps in cell signaling to ensure a normal biological process, but a high level can cause cell damage.

Another possible explanation for the yellow coloration is the accumulation of carotenoids. Carotenoids are responsible for the yellow, orange or gold colors

How Monstera aurea occurs

Variegated plants form in different ways, i.e., it may be genetic, natural, pigment, or pattern variegation in calathea lancifolia. Such markings pass through sexual reproduction and are stable.

The others are pathogenic (caused by viral infections), artificial or chemical, reflective or blister, transposon or jumping gene, and chimeral.

What causes variegation in Monstera aurea is a chimera, specifically sectorial chimera. It occurs due to cell mutation on the apical meristem (cell division and growth site).

Monstera deliciosa marmorata Mexican Breadfruit

“Golden Splitleaf Philodendron” The wide shield-shaped over lapping monstera marmorata yellow variegatedleaves with their dramatic splits are richly marbled lemon-lime and gold. Intolerant of even occassional low humidity indoors.

It is very stable variegation. This means that when the plants reach maturity, cuttings can be made, like the Borsigiana, that will maintain the ‘star-like’ speckled variegation.