Monstera adansonii Albo
Monstera adansonii Albo
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Monstera adansonii Albo



Monstera adansonii Albo

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Monstera adansonii Albo – A Stunning Houseplant with 7 Leaves

Don’t let the Monstera adansonii Albo’s strange name scare you off; this houseplant is both beautiful and easy to care for, and it’s well worth considering if you want to add some flair to your home decor. Although it doesn’t have flowers, it has 7 leaves on its stem that will attract your attention from across the room, and its foliage can grow up to 2 feet in length. It does best in bright, indirect sunlight or near-shade, and it doesn’t need to be fertilized frequently.


The monstera also known as Swiss cheese plant
It’s a subtropical plant that, while commonly grown as a houseplant, can also be grown outdoors in some areas. The plant has shiny, dark green leaves and produces a beautiful white flower when it blooms. Monsteras are versatile plants that can tolerate either bright or low light conditions. It prefers to have soil that is slightly moist all year long and does best when watered once per week during active growth and once every two weeks during dormancy.

Growing tips
Like all houseplants, Monsteras thrive on good indoor lighting. Place it near a window to let it soak up ample sunlight. If you live in a low-light environment, place your plant under grow lights or give it 20 minutes of direct sunlight every day.


Care Tips
Although not a lot of research has been done on Monsteras, they are highly prized as houseplants due to their stunning foliage. They prefer moderate to high light but will adapt to lower light levels. In very low light it is best to place them in direct sunlight for an hour or two a day. The soil should be well drained and stay slightly moist at all times. Do not let them sit in water. Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer twice a month during growth and once a month in winter months.

Identification of common problems
Most houseplants don’t look great indoors, and you probably don’t have enough light to grow most plants in your home. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy having plants around; one of my favorites is a monster called Monstera Adansonia Albo. Often referred to as simply monster plant, it’s an attractive indoor houseplant that thrives in low-light conditions. Monster plants have a beautiful shape and lush green leaves (they’re like mini jungle trees) plus they have a unique appeal because of their seven leaf structure that makes them quite different from other common indoor houseplants.

Common Diseases
Aside from spider mites, monsteras are known to get scale and mealy bugs. If you don’t see any of these pests, but your plant still looks sickly and unhappy it might be infected with a virus or some other kind of bacterial infection. Viruses are spread by insects like whiteflies, mealybugs and aphids, so controlling these pests is a good way to prevent disease in your monsteras. Keep an eye out for their telltale symptoms like small specks on leaves or oozing sap. When in doubt, contact your local greenhouse for advice—they should be able to help you figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

Common Pests
One of Monstera’s most common pests is scales, which cling to its leaves. The easiest way to get rid of them is to gently rub them off with your fingers. Mealybugs are another type of pest that feed on Monsteras and can quickly spread over many leaves. Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, you should dab any affected areas until you’ve eliminated all traces of mealybugs; don’t forget to clean any other plants nearby as well.

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    was shipped Wednesday and got my BEAUTIFUL baby today, Friday. Fast shipping, packaged well and seller is very friendly and respond to your message right away, that’s really a plus plus factor I will 100% buy again in the future. Highly recommended SELLER.

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    Recieved these beauties in 1 day! Great communication with seller. Plants were packaged well and arrived healthy. Would purchase from this seller again.

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